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Laffite Automobili The Hypercar Revolution

Laffite Automobili is preparing to start a new era in the world of hypercars. 

On May 3rd, 2023, on the occasion of the Miami Grand Prix, the new Italian manufacturer founded by Bruno Laffite, whose name is historically linked to Formula 1, will unveil five electric Hypercars (three specific models plus two other evolutions) that will make history.

« My dream has always been to see race cars on the road, » reveals Bruno Laffite. « It has never left me since I was achild and has even increased throughout my life. After almost ten years of research, work and development, I created Laffite Automobili and gathered around me one of the best teams in the world to give substance to my ambition. »

With patience, talent and dedication, Bruno Laffite has worked to define the foundation of his brand, which draws its DNA from motor racing. The founder of Laffite Automobili has imposed his technical choices and seduced the mostillustrious partners to create a range without compromise on luxury and technology. Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro, the two italian creative souls of GFG Style, an independent and established style center, recognized among the mostimportant designers in the world, immediately embraced this incredible project. So did L.M. Gianetti, the renowned Torino-based engineering and automobile manufacturing company, for decades linked to the best teams and the mostprestigious manufacturers.

“When Fabrizio Giugiaro understood the scope of what I wanted to achieve”, admits Bruno Laffite, « he smiled at me and said: ‘Let’s create a car revolution together’. Creating three Hypercars at the same time had never been done before. Itwas an incredible challenge. We made it even more unique by creating two new segments in the Hypercar world atthe same time. » Fabrizio Giugiaro, a world reference in terms of exceptional cars, was passionately involved in this daringproject. « It is an honor for us to be able to write the first pages of a new chapter in the automotive industry with LaffiteAutomobili », says the Italian designer, « we have worked to fulfill Bruno Laffite’s wishes, combining the best of aesthetics,elegance and excellence for each of the three cars ».

The first three Laffite Automobili Hypercars benefit from the technology and engineering developed by LM Gianetti. Founded in 1966, the Piedmont-based company has built an international reputation by collaborating with top automotivedesigners and official racing teams in the F1, WRC and GT championships, contributing to the success of iconic carssuch as the Lancia 037 and the Delta HF. « We are proud to be associated with Bruno Laffite’s initiative” say Paolo and Luisa Gianetti, “which is inspiring and exciting. We look forward to the May 3 launch in Miami, which we are sure willamaze the world. »

Photo Daniele Bottallo / DB Studio Agency

Photo Daniele Bottallo / DB Studio Agency

About Laffite Automobile

Laffite Automobili is a new hypercar brand based in Torino and founded by Bruno Laffite. At its official launch in May 2023, the company will present its first three models (plus two others evolutions). Each of the three models will bepositioned in its own segment, two of which will be completely innovative in the automotive industry. The production line of LM Gianetti will deliver the first models already ordered to their lucky owners during the winter of 2024.

Photo Daniele Bottallo / DB Studio Agency

About Bruno Laffite

Like his uncle Jacques Laffite, the famous Formula 1 driver of the 1980s, Bruno Laffite regulary distinguished himself as a professional driver between 1990 and 2000, ranked among the top 10 drivers of his generation and participating over 100 races. In 2014, Bruno Laffite has created and developed a company dedicated to car manufactury. In recentyears, his company has homologated for the road in California two first Hypercars inspired by « rally-raid » and « sport prototype « races. Today, Bruno Laffite, the founder of Laffite Automobili, merges his passion, inspiration and racing expertise to create a series of revolutionary hypercars that have never been developed before.

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