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“I used to buy San Carlo chips just because there was a picture of Sic on them, and now I can’t imagine a starting grid without seeing your colors!” This is was a little girl, now grown up, wrote me recently, making me reflect on what this team means to me…

With a part of you, we are connected through your shared history with Marco, because you knew him personally, he entered your homes and your hurts, you were his friends first and then his sponsors.
With the other half here today, because you were fascinated by his sporting feats, and his talent made him your friend. All of us, because we fell in love with his boldness on the track and his sweetness off it.
The last ones standing, because, to some extent, I’m quite good with this business.

I want to make a toast to us ,Sic58 Squadra Corse, sometimes pointed out for our straightforwardness but, in the end, in today’s false and frivolous world, truer than ever.
I want to raise a toast to all of you, who are part of it, who embody it. Without you, the pillars of this reality , this team would not exist. Likewise, without Marco, the true essence of all of this, we would have no reason to be gathered here.

Together we are the proof that when a dream shatters, you must be able to build a new one, trying day by day, until the end. Because this is the only way to become remarkable.

Let’s raise a toast to our determination, because we never give up and every year we have the courage to try again with the same strength as the first, perhaps even more. 

Good Luck Sic58 Squadra Corse!


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Motorsport Invest

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