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Sic Squadra Corse : PORTIMAO MOTOGP

Round 2: Portimao, first european race.

I am extremely proud of our new hospitality managed by Marti in collaboration with the Cortelazzi family. I am happy about two things: firstly, that everything went as it should on this first trip, I must admit that my daughter and I felt relieved. Secondly, seeing Renzo working with us again, Renzo was the one who drove the motorhome for Marco in 2010/2011, a delightful person, a skilled and organized handyman. It is nice to have him around again!


2024 will be remembered as the year of tire changes rather than climate changes, as they have a significant impact on the race dynamics. We’re back to racing like 30 years ago, planning the strategy, going slower to minimize the tire consumption, to avoid taking the checkered flag on the brink.
Regarding our riders…”let’s pretend to remain calm”, despite Lunetta’s mistakes or Farioli’s arguable race strategies, they can’t be criticized, they are driven by a strong desire to do well, they are full of energy and I have great faith in them and in Marco Grana’s expertise, who not only supports them but he is fully absorbed in this new challenge.
It’s time for waiting and patience, new beginnings are always complicated, we need to work to get to know each other, understand each other and then perform at our best.

But I do want to move a criticism to Honda, the Japanese manufacturer to whom we have entrusted our results for years. When we renewed the contract in August, we were promised engine developments and technical changes, but the only improvements made where the ones made by Marco, who tried to lighten the bike as much as possible. “Cut, tighten, pull” to bring them (almost) on par with KTMs. But when the blanket it short, you can pull it here and there, but something remains uncovered. I thought the Japanese wouldn’t make promises unless they were sure, but I was wrong.

Let’s move to the first MotoE race. We have the oldest rider in this championship, Roccoli, but “wisdom comes with age” is still a current quote. Once he gets more familiar with the bike, he will give the others a run for their money.
It was a tough weekend for Manfredi instead, who, as can be seen from his helmet, has just bought a house. The post-expenditure trauma has cost him 2 seconds per lap… We are joking, of course, anyway this year in MotoE, we are betting on experience. He also has my full confidence.


I conclude by reiterating: it’s time for a pat on the back and to stay calm (or pretend at least), and everything will go as it always does, as it should.


 Easter is around the corner, and from me and the entire team, we wish you all the best! 



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